Steffina Yuli of Kipin EdTech Recognized in Forbes Under 30 for Transforming Education in Indonesia


Steffina Yuli of Kipin EdTech Recognized in Forbes Under 30 for Transforming Education in Indonesia

Tangerangtalk.Online Steffina Yuli, the Chief Business Officer (CBO) of the edtech startup Kipin, has been recognized as part of the prestigious Forbes Under 30 list for her dedication to transforming education in Indonesia through Kipin EdTech.

"I am grateful for this recognition and feel honored to be part of the Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 representing Indonesia," she said.

Kipin EdTech provides tens of thousands of learning content, Modern Assessment software, and a comprehensive Digital Library for schools. This digital library can be accessed with or without internet, offering an effective solution for equalizing education access in Indonesia.

Many children in remote areas face challenges in pursuing their educational dreams due to limited access, internet issues, and high costs. Kipin EdTech serves as a hybrid learning platform that does not require an internet connection, enabling these children to access knowledge that was previously out of reach.

"We want to provide opportunities for every individual to develop their potential and dream of a future full of endless possibilities," said Steffina.

Kipin EdTech also supports government programs and collaborates with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (KemendikbudRistek) and Education Departments throughout Indonesia to jointly advance the field of education in Indonesia through digital technology.

Through its educational transformation, Kipin EdTech has overcome various obstacles and unlocked the potential across the nation. It provides equal education access, allowing schools from major cities to remote areas to maximize digitalization.

Steffina also emphasized that Kipin EdTech is not just about technology. She recognizes that education has an unwavering power to change lives.

"Kipin EdTech is a movement that nurtures hope, empowers individuals, and uplifts communities," she concluded. (Sayuti)

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