BNI's BI-FAST Transactions Surge by 900%

BNI's BI-FAST Transactions Surge by 900%

Tangerangtalk.Online - PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk, commonly known as BNI, has proactively supported Indonesia's Payment System Blueprint initiated by Bank Indonesia to provide fast, easy, affordable, secure, and reliable retail payment services, one of which is the BI-FAST service.

The company has recorded a staggering growth of over 900% annually (YoY) in both volume and value of BI-FAST transactions until August 2023.

The introduction of BI-FAST has bestowed numerous benefits upon BNI's customers, especially significantly reduced fees and uninterrupted 24/7 real-time online fund transfers to destination banks.

This reduction in fees is substantial, dropping from the previous Rp6,500 for online interbank transfers to a mere Rp2,500 with the BI-FAST system.

BNI's Corporate Secretary, Okki Rushartomo, shared that these transaction milestones align with the growing consumer confidence in the latter half of this year. He emphasized how people have become increasingly comfortable and adept with the BI-FAST transaction features available on BNI Mobile Banking.

"We are grateful for the remarkable growth in both volume and value of BI-FAST transactions. We hope this trend continues and strengthens further, enhancing the dominance of our domestic payment system," he stated.

Furthermore, Okki added that the positive performance of BI-FAST in BNI is also paralleled by the same growth in fee-based income.

"This fee-based income will serve as BNI's foundation to bolster capital expenditure in digital innovation," he concluded. (Siaran Berita)

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