Digiserve Achieves Great Place to Work 2023 Certification

Digiserve Achieves Great Place to Work 2023 Certification

Jakarta, Tangerangtalk.Online  - PT Digital Aplikasi Solusi, also known as Digiserve by Telkom Indonesia, has once again achieved an impressive accomplishment by receiving the Great Place to Work 2023 certification from the Great Place to Work Institute, an international certification body.

This prestigious award is entirely based on what current employees say about their experience working at Digiserve. Overall, 82 percent of employees stated that Digiserve is a great place to work.

Ahmad Hartono, the President Director of Digiserve, stated that the Great Place to Work certification obtained by Digiserve ensures and proves the company's commitment to being the best workplace for its employees, in accordance with international standards.

The company embraces diversity and equality and is committed to providing an inclusive environment.

"We feel honored to be recognized as a Great Place to Work by our employees. At Digiserve, the company values the uniqueness and contributions of each individual. Every employee plays an important role in helping the company meet the needs of the market and ICT Managed Solutions business. The certification from the Great Place to Work Institute is recognition of what we have already done," said Hartono.

The Great Place to Work 2023 certification is obtained through a series of assessments of the company's culture and work environment, including surveys among employees. The survey includes questions about employee perceptions regarding management (credibility, fairness, respect), coworker relationships (camaraderie/friendship), and job and workplace satisfaction (pride).

From the survey, besides 82 percent of employees stating that Digiserve is a great place to work, other results include 91 percent of employees feeling fairness and equality at Digiserve; 86 percent of employees stating good communication within the Digiserve environment; 85 percent of employees acknowledging the good integrity of Digiserve's management; 85 percent of employees feeling proud of their work at Digiserve; and 84 percent of employees experiencing helpful teamwork.

Stories of pride in being part of Digiserve can be heard from what employees say. Osman Ramadhan, Senior Manager of Product & Solutions at Digiserve, stated that he has been working at Digiserve (previously known as Telkomtelstra) for more than 6 years since the beginning when they had no customers, and now Digiserve has become one of the largest Managed Service companies in Indonesia.

"Digiserve is a dynamic and agile company that provides many opportunities for various careers and motivates me to do better. I believe Digiserve will become the largest Managed Service company in Indonesia and the Asia region," emphasized Osman.

Meanwhile, Irene Debora, a Human Capital Specialist at Digiserve, shared that Digiserve is both a home and a family. It is the first place for Irene to seek knowledge and gain further experience. Hopefully, everything fought for by all employees and management will be a significant step in the future.

Currently, Digiserve has 150 talented resources with 220 internationally recognized certifications. This means there are talents who hold more than 1 international certificate, are multitasking, and can manage work with different functions.

Hartono reaffirmed Digiserve's commitment to being the best workplace for its employees, in line with international standards, by creating a positive and inclusive work culture that empowers employees to grow.

"We are committed to creating a work environment that supports growth, learning, and development for our employees. We also express our gratitude to all Digitroops (Digiserve employees) who have contributed to creating a good work environment based on the AKHLAK Core Values at Digiserve," concluded Hartono." (Sayuti)

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