Dozens of Residents of Total Persada Are Fooled by Vegetable Oil Fraud Investments

CITY TANGERANG – Residents of the Total Persada Raya Housing Estate, RT 7 RW 8, Gembor Village, Jatiuwung District, Tangerang City are victims of fraudulent investments worth hundreds of millions.

 Widi (55), one of the victims of the investment under the guise of selling vegetable oil, said that at first he and the other victims were tempted by the price offered because it was cheap from the market.

 "I'm one of the victims, I was tempted to invest. First, the cheap price from the market, judging by the neighbors here, it's quite successful. From this business, so we're taking part in investing. I've only been running for 5 months. like this," he said.

 He also said that he had spent 70 million to get 600 cartons with the size of oil packaging per 2 liters.

 "If I use cooking oil, from the suspect, the price of one box of 105 thousand I sell can be more than that," he said.

 He also added that there were approximately 20 local residents who were victims. Meanwhile, the total number of victims reached 80 people.

 "With a loss of around 60 billion for all 80 people," he said.

 "It was revealed that if I heard from other friends, many of them did not come out, only after that they came here to question the perpetrators," he added.

 When he arrived at the suspect's house, it turned out that the house had been empty for one week.

 "About almost a week ago. The items were still in the palace yesterday, there was also a team from the police here to check and organize the existing items," said Mulyadi, the head of the RT.

 "The perpetrators have also surrendered to the Polsek. There are no perpetrators here, only the husband is left, the husband is also immediately brought to the Polsek, after which I directed the victims to the Polsek to report as well as bring proof of receipt of money," he concluded. (Eko Setiawan).
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